Lyra’s Spay Day

I recently shared with you the experiences of my kitty Sunny’s spay day. Adrienna, one of my coworkers, was kind enough to provide us with pictures of her own little dog’s spay day and I figured I’d share this with you, our canine lovers!

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Sunny’s Spay Day

Working at an animal hospital, I sometimes get the wonderful opportunity to witness part of my pet’s care that most people are not privy to.

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Animal Health Week 2018

As many of you have recently heard, Labrador and Central Newfoundland are in the midst of a devastating Distemper outbreak. This news while quite tragic does highlight the importance of vaccinating our pets.

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New Experiences – Reflections on a Parrot’s Beak Surgery

We recently had the very handsome African Grey parrot, Timmy Legge in for an examination.

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How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

February is Dental Health Month! To celebrate this, I teamed up with the lovely Cynthia and her pup Kingsley to provide you all with a great demonstration of how to brush your dog’s teeth.

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