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Microchipping a Dog

Having a lost dog is something no owner wants to go through but it can happen. Having your dog microchipped is usually the fastest way for staff at veterinary clinics and shelters to return your dog to you.


Dog Behavioural Counselling

Behavioural issues can arise for many different reasons at any time during a dog's life and potentially worsen over time. If you are concerned about your dog's behaviour, our veterinarians can discuss potential causes for the behaviour and what we can do to help your dog.

Laser Therapy for Dogs

Laser therapy is a drug-free non-invasive procedure to reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing. It has been proven to assist with post-surgical pain management and many acute and chronic conditions.

Overweight Dog Help

We've seen an increase in overweight dogs recently. As pet owners ourselves, we realize it may be difficult to notice a slow and gradual increase in weight. As our winters are not pleasant in Newfoundland, it is tempting to stop exercise or slow activity during the winter months. Normally, we...