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Dog Emergency Vet

The unexpected can happen at any time, we are proud to provide you with daytime emergency services that are available during regular clinic hours. If your pet ever has an after-hours emergency, the VSC is happy to provide any after-hour care.

Senior Dog Care

We are very fortunate that our dogs are living longer and healthier lives now, due to advances in food and medical care. As our dog's age, their needs change. Older dogs are prone to a variety of age-related conditions that can be managed. Bi-annual examinations and blood tests are key...

Dog Euthanasia

Our dogs are our lifelong companions and with time, health conditions may arise that may affect their quality of life. Here at Sunrise Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer you the option of humane euthanasia. Our veterinarians and support are dedicated to helping you and your family during this...

Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

Joint stiffness, intermittent lameness and a reluctance to go on walks are all symptoms of arthritis.