First Timer Fears

Are you a first-time pet owner? Never been to a veterinary clinic before and are feeling overwhelmed? Here’s what to expect from the time you book that first appointment to the final check out and farewells before leaving our clinic!

You’ve finally got your first pet! Now what? You know you should get your newest addition an appointment for a routine exam and possibly some vaccines, but you begin to feel overwhelmed. You’re thinking about what kind of questions you should ask the veterinarian, what exactly the exam itself entails, what items to bring with you and you find yourself having some anxiety surround your pets first appointment. We understand that being a first-time pet owner can be daunting. We’re here to not only provide the smoothest appointment possible for your pet but for you as well.

So here is what to expect when booking your new pet’s first exam!

The first step is to book the appointment.

When speaking with our fantastic reception staff to book your appointment, they will ask for your personal information — phone number, mailing address, etc. We will also ask for your pet’s information — species, breed, sex, birthday, coat colour etc. We will ask what the appointment is regarding and provide options for an appointment. After your appointment is booked, you will receive a reminder call or email reminder a few days before your appointment.

It is always a good idea to prepare for your appointment by having your pets previous medical records with you (if they have any). Writing down questions for the veterinarian beforehand is also a good idea, so you don’t forget anything important you wanted to ask once the appointment starts!

When you arrive for your appointment, please have your pet on a leash or in a carrier. Upon entering the clinic, you will be greeted at the front desk by our receptionists and checked in. They will confirm your personal information and take your pet’s weight. You will then receive a seat in our waiting area and will from there be called into an exam room. Once you and your pet are called into the exam room, you may be asked for a brief history by the doctors assistant. They will record this information and relay it to the doctor. The doctor will then come in and begin the exam.

After a full physical exam — from tip to tail, the doctor will then discuss vaccine schedules. If it is determined that your pet will require vaccines, they will be administered during the appointment. Your veterinarian will also discuss — parasite prevention, spay/neuter surgery benefits, proper nutritional options, and answer any questions you may have as well. The appointment will end with a recap of everything that was previously discussed, and the doctor will advise you if your pet will be going home with any prescriptions such as a parasite prevention product.

Our friendly front desk staff will then review any medications instructions for your pet prescribed by your veterinarian and book any return appointments requested.

We thank you for your service, and your pet will most likely get a treat or two during the farewell! That’s it! You’ve had your first appointment with your new pet!

Written by: Krista Murray