6 Tips to Get Your Dog Summer Ready

It’s that time of year again! Summer is just around the corner on the island, and its time to get your furry friends prepared for those hot sunny days. Below you’ll find six easy tips to get your dog summer ready, safely and happily.

See your vet!
First and foremost, schedule an annual exam with your veterinarian. Making sure your pet is healthy is the first step to get your pup summer ready. Your vet can also educate you on potential summer hazards and how to combat them!

Make sure vaccines are up to date!
With more time being spent outside and around other animals during the summer months, it is imperative to make sure vaccines are up to date. Protecting our pets from communicable diseases should always be a top priority.

Parasite Prevention!
With rising temperatures, fleas, ticks and other parasites are certainly making themselves known. Prescription medication purchased from your vet is the safest way to keep these critters off our pups! Many prescription parasite control products also include deworming agents, are cost-efficient and very easy to apply. Call your local veterinarian today to get further info on options for parasite control!

Get that hair cut!
Seeing an experienced groomer will help to keep your dog cool and keep from overheating on those hot sunny days. However, not all dogs need to be groomed for the summer! If your dog already has a short coat, there’s no need to trim it shorter. Double-coated dogs need that extra layer of fur to act as insulation, as it is crucial in helping their bodies regulate heat.

Keep it cool!
Watch out for overheating! Keep ample amounts of fresh water on hand, and always provide access to shaded areas for rest. White or lightly coloured dogs have increased risk of getting sun damage so be sure to limit UV exposure. Opt to purchase a kiddie pool to keep your pup cool and entertained! NEVER leave a dog in a car on a hot day! Even if you have the windows down and it’s only for “ a second.” The safest place for your pet on a hot day is at home, not in the car.

Keep it safe!
Accidents happen, especially when you least expect it. Have a copy of your medical records on hand and carry a pet first aid kit whenever going out for summer adventures. Have your local veterinarian’s and local emergency clinic phone numbers with you at all times.

Written by: Sunrise Animal Hospital