SAH Cassandra


I decided to do the Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist course because I was ready for a change and have always been an animal lover. I graduated in 2014. I did my work term with Sunrise Animal Hospital and have been a part of the team ever since. I started working at the clinic in October 2014. I have an interest in all areas of veterinary medicine. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in many areas of the clinic and I enjoyed every part of it! My first pet was a Golden Retriever cross named Sandy. What I love most about my job is being able to interact with patients and their owners and being able to build a rapport with them. My favourite thing about the clinic is the team! We have the most amazing people! A fun fact about me is that mixed breeds are my favourite breed. I have the most perfect little, mixed breed boy named Scruffy!
Our two Yorkies were in for their annual exams and immunizations. Dr. Ryan was attentive and caring, explaining everything and…

Debbie Burton-peddle

I brought my senior shitzu to Sunrise for a recheck for a heart murmur. The receptionist was very friendly .…

Cathy Ryder

In the 7 years I’ve been back in NL I’ve never had not one single issue with Sunrise. Even when…

Crystal Smith

Dr. Wilson is always understanding and thorough in her explanations of the issues faced.

Jessica Maher

Awesome staff. Dr. Dee is the best.

Stephen Porter


How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Healthy

On average indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats, but they don't have the same stimulation from their indoor environment as they would being an outdoor cat.

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