Why Is My Dog Barking?

As a dog owner, you have probably noticed that your house is not quite as quiet as it once was! Every dog is different, and each dog has their own personality. Some dogs tend to be more vocal than others. Dogs can bark for many reasons stemming anywhere from being excited to protecting their household and the humans they love. Other times they are showing signs of anxiety or letting you know when they are in pain.

Here are some of the other reasons your dog may be barking:


When someone new enters into your dog’s territory, excessive barking can often be triggered. It is your dog warning you that someone is here. They need to be a bit vocal while having a few sniffs and get to know the visitor before they can settle down and be comfortable again. They often have a happier bark, accompanied by lots of tail wags and excitement when greeting a guest they recognize or when welcoming another dog.


A lot of times we notice that our dogs are very vocal when playing with other dogs. This excitement of being around others and being playful can also come with excessive barking, and a lot of bums pointed to the sky. It is them showing us they’re having a good time getting to know their friends and are barking lots of happy barks.

Attention Seeking

Since our dogs can’t talk to us and tell us exactly what they want, hearing your dog bark throughout the day can often mean that they need something. Maybe it’s time for breakfast or supper, a drink, or they might even need a little bathroom break.

Separation Anxiety

Sometimes our dogs can have anxiety when owners are away, which can go hand in hand with barking excessively. A dog with separation anxiety may show other symptoms as well, such as pacing, inappropriate urination, or sometimes destructiveness.

Boredom or Loneliness

Dogs are pack animals, so being left alone for long periods might leave them feeling lonely or bored. You can always try to minimize the length of time that they are left alone. Introducing some safe toys or having some background noise to keep them stimulated when you aren’t around can be a good option. Maybe all your best friend needs is a sibling to help take those blues away!

It’s important to remember that since our furry friends can’t talk to us, barking at and around you is their best way of communicating. Do your best to have patience when you hear them barking and try to understand what they might be trying to tell you.

Written by: Maria O’Driscoll