Our goal as a hospital is to protect your puppy and we do that by preparing their immune system. By vaccinating your puppy on a set schedule, normally beginning at 8 weeks of age you’re allowing their body to protect itself against deadly viruses.

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What vaccinations do you provide to new puppies?

We begin puppies with the DA2P-CPV core vaccine and follow a set schedule based on the age of your puppy.

Why is it important to vaccinate your puppy?

Puppies’ immune systems are not fully developed and are more susceptible to diseases. Following the proper protocol for vaccinations can help prevent them from contracting some of these diseases.

At what age should I bring in my puppy for its vaccinations?

We start our vaccinations for puppies at 8 weeks of age, as this is when the antibodies they get from their mother start to decline. Puppies then require booster vaccinations at 12 and 16 weeks of age.

How much do puppy vaccinations cost?

Vaccinations are always done along with a complete physical examination by one of our veterinarians. Please call the clinic at 709-368-7981 to discuss booking an appointment.

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