At Sunrise Animal Hospital, digital radiology is an important diagnostic tool used by our veterinarians. Our x-rays are also reviewed by board-certified radiologists to ensure your pet is getting the best care possible.

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How do you use x-ray and radiology services at your clinic?

Along with a full physical examination performed by our veterinarians, radiology is used to assist in diagnosing a variety of conditions. Some of the conditions that radiology can help to diagnose include orthopedic (bones and joints), gastrointestinal (stomach, intestine and colon), and cardiovascular (heart) just to name a few.

How should I prepare my dog for their x-ray appointment?

Unless otherwise instructed by your veterinarian, we do not require any prior preparation. If your veterinarian has discussed administering a sedative prior (this is usually done when your dog is very uncomfortable or painful), you will need to fast your dog as per veterinarian’s instruction. If you have any other questions about preparing your dog for their x-ray appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us at 709-368-7981.

How much does a dog x-ray exam cost?

Radiographs are always done along with a full physical examination and the cost of x-rays will be discussed with you by the veterinarian during this time.

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