Skin issues are very common, due to a wide range of causes from allergies, bacteria, yeast and parasites. Contact us if you notice your dog scratches or licks excessively, or if the skin is red, inflamed, “scaley,” or there are bald patches.

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What are the causes, symptoms & diagnoses of bacterial skin infections?

There are many reasons for your dog’s skin irritation, some of the symptoms can range from hair loss, redness, scaliness, and inflammation. Your veterinarian can take a scraping of the surface skin to determine the cause of the infection.

What are the causes, symptoms, and treatments for ringworms?

Ringworm is a fungal infection, despite the name it is not caused by a specific worm. Ringworm’s name comes from the hair loss and scaliness, that occurs because of the fungus. It is zoonotic (which means it can be passed onto humans), so if you suspect your pet is infected with ringworm, please contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment.

What are the causes and treatments of allergic skin diseases?

Allergies are quite common in dogs and can range from environmental to food-based. Our dogs can even be allergic to flea bites. Treatment varies based on the cause of the allergy.

What are the causes and treatments for parasitic skin diseases?

Parasitic skin disease is caused by parasites such as fleas. Treatment includes eliminating the parasite and supporting your pet, while the symptoms resolve. Please contact us for the best options for you and your dog’s treatment.

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