We recommend deworming your cats on a regular basis, starting as a kitten and continuing throughout their lives.

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What are some types of parasites found in cats?

Some of the common parasites found in cats are worms (e.g. roundworm, hookworm, tapeworms).

If my cat has worms, what symptoms should I look for?

Vomiting worms and worms in the fecal matter and bedding. Most worms are small and white in colour. Tapeworm may look like grains of rice present in the bedding and around the base of the tail. Roundworms look more like strings of spaghetti that can be vomited or found in their feces. Some worms are difficult to see but cause diarrhea.

Are worms dangerous to humans?

Some worms are zoonotic and can be transmitted to humans. Small children and immune-compromised people are especially at risk.

What is the deworming schedule?

As a kitten, we recommend deworming every two weeks for approximately three months, otherwise, it depends on whether or not you have a flea infestation or are exposed to parasites. Cats who hunt are especially at risk for infestation.

Are there any side effects from deworming medication?

Today’s veterinary prescription deworming medications undergo rigorous testing to ensure the efficacy and safety of our cats. Please contact us to discuss any concerns you may have with your cat’s prescription dewormer.

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