Keeping Your Indoor Cat Active and Healthy: The Importance of Playtime

While I was growing up, our family pets were always dogs. It was fun as a child to go outside on nice sunny days and toss the ball around, and playing fetch for hours. Going for the daily walk was a little less fun, but always enjoyable once you were on your way and our pups loved it! Scooping poop was never glamorous but a necessary evil and a small price to pay for the infinite, unconditional love of a canine sibling.

As an adult, I became a cat mom. I currently have two female felines. The first is named Kafer, a medium-haired, 15-year-old, brown and black tabby with white and my second is named Kombi, a short-haired, 12-year-old, calico tabby. They are both 100% indoors and always have been. They are pretty content in our house, sleeping away the days when we are out of the house, and snuggling in the bed at night. In the hours in between, my husband and I do our best to keep our indoor beauties busy and active.

Just as walking a dog is a bit of chore, playing with your indoor cat can be as well. But both can be equally as fun. Here are some easy ways to keep your cat active and healthy!

  • Use laser pointers on the floor and walls to get your cat moving – 5 minutes of activity can burn lots of calories!
  • Leave lots of toys out when you are not at home. Catnip mice are a favourite for my two furry creatures.
  • If you have stairs in your house, toss a felt crinkle ball down the stairs. Cats can be easily taught to play fetch!
  • Wands with feathers and string are also a great way to initiate the hunter instinct in your kitty!

Remember, the more your cat moves, the healthier they will be, and the longer they will live. Keep it simple. Switch out toys often (cat toys are relatively inexpensive!). Enjoy the extra time you are spending with your furry felines.

Below are some helpful websites with a plethora of information on how to keep your cat active and why it’s so important!

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Let’s get our cats moving and having some fun!

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Written by: Sunrise Animal Hospital