In Memory – Lulu Gillingham

Lulu Gillingham was a little puppy we featured back in May of 2014 during Cancer Awareness Month. She was a sweet little girl who was diagnosed with Lymphona in August 2013. Lulu was a patient, friendly and wonderful pup. She was a joy to work with and never once did her gentle nature change. Sadly, Lulu succumbed to her disease in January 2015.

We reached out to Lulu’s mom this is what she had to say about Lulu:

What can I say about the most spirited, rambunctious, driven and stubborn puppy in the world. Lulu was one of a kind. Some would say she was borderline human. I would have actual conversations with her and I know she understood. Always happy and inquisitive. She loved food, an all consuming love, that would have her at my heels for every meal, for every crinkle of a wrapper, and every stir of a cup of tea. Lulu did not take no for an answer and would sit next to whoever was eating or drinking, and continuously tap you on the arm until you gave in and gave her some, or removed the empty dishes from sight. Even if the glass had a lick of milk left she knew and wanted it. She loved her toys, her squeaky chicken and pig, which she knew by name and would go get, and would squeak them on demand when told to “squeak your toy”. She had her bed time bone and would not go to bed without it, not to chew it, just to sleep with it next to her, and every attempt to kick it out of the bed would have her running down to get it and return it to her side. She loved walks, or she loved smelling every smell on the walk, because a half hour would turn into an hour with Lu stopping every two seconds to sniff. She loved the snow and outdoors, she would often forget her listening skills and would ignore my commands to come in until she was good and ready.

When she got sick I was heartbroken and devastated, but not Lulu she didn’t miss a beat, as full of energy and demanding right up until the end. She was a fighter, she didn’t fuss for chemo appointments, and giving her medications was a breeze due to her love of food. I only had to shake the pill bottle and she would come running for a treat. I couldn’t even get an Advil for myself and she would be there, ears perked up straight, head cocked to the side wondering what she was getting. I miss her more than anything in this world. She was a force, with such a powerful personality and her passing left a massive hole in my heart and my life. Her sisters, Maddie and Lilly, her daddy and myself miss her more than words can describe and it’s so hard to write how great she was and not miss anything. I only hope that she is now at peace, with no more cancer, sickness or pain, and is waiting for the day that I get to snuggle and pepper her with kisses once again. We love and miss you my ginger baby, mommy will never forget you and will love you everyday for the rest of my life.