Breeding Services for Dogs

If you plan on breeding your dog, it is essential to consult with your veterinarian first. We are happy to partner with you to determine the best time to breed your dog and provide you with supportive care throughout the breeding process. Your veterinarian will educate you on the signs of labour and/or let you know when your dog is experiencing difficulty.

How does the clinic help dog breeders and kennels to keep their pets healthy?

We are able to provide breeders with OFA testing, specialized diet plans for nursing dogs and equip breeders with the necessary deworming protocols and medications.

What are the breeding services the clinic provides? (e.g. preproduction planning, vaginal cytology, semen collection and freezing, caesarian section.)

We are pleased to provide breeders with services such as semen collection, artificial insemination, vaginal cytology and scheduled caesarian sections. Please contact us to schedule a breeding consultation.


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