7 Tips to Keep your Pets Safe on Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

We hope you and your family (fur family included) have a wonderful day! Sadly, many pets get lost during firework celebration. We’ve outlined 7 tips below to help keep your pets safe during the Canada Day celebration!

1) Refrain from walking after dark. Many families like to celebrate with fireworks earlier in the evening. In fact, if possible, walk your dogs as early as possible. Some people are excited to get the celebration underway and afternoon fireworks are not unheard of! Fireworks can be unsettling to our pets and they may run away if not watched carefully.

2) Bring your pets inside before its gets dark. The earlier in the day, the better! Even if they are used to being outside, both cats and dogs can be spooked into running away from their usual yards by the loud sounds. Your pets will be much safer inside during the celebration.

3) Unless your pets are confined to a specific room, avoid opening your patio doors during the fireworks as pets can bolt outside in fear.

4) If you normally kennel your dogs, keep an eye on them to make sure they are not visibly distressed. Injuries often happen when our pets are fretting and trying to get out of an enclosure.

5) Thundershirts are great for easing the anxiety of dogs.

6) Over the counter anti-anxiety medications such as Biocalm (for dogs and cats), and TheraBites Mellows (dogs only), or prescription anti-anxiety medications can be purchased here at Sunrise Animal Hospital. Please do not hesitate to call us at (709)368-7981 if you have any questions in regards to the medications.

7) If your dogs are normally nervous, keeping them in the basement or a soundproof room with the television or radio on can help dull the sounds of the fireworks and calm them down. Try to put them there just before the fireworks start and make sure to keep an eye on them throughout to ensure they’re not too stressed out.

If you have any questions about any of these tips, please give us a call at (709) 368-7981. Also, just as a reminder we will be closed on July 2 for Canada day. If you have an emergency please contact the VSC at (709) 221-7838.

Written by Sunrise Animal Hospital