Abigail Glynn

Veterinary Assistant

I chose to work in the veterinary field because of my love and passion for animals, ever since I was younger, I always knew I wanted to work with animals in some way. I attended Academy Canada for the veterinary assistant course in September of 2019, graduated in October of 2020, and started working at Sunrise Animal Hospital after graduation. The area of veterinary medicine that interests me the most is surgery and radiology. What I love most about my job is getting to see animals all day everyday and help them out in every way I possibly can, with the help of the rest of the clinic staff, of course! I love seeing animals go from not feeling very well, to going right back to themselves, because of the help we give them.

A fun fact about myself is that I have 5 pets! I have a Labrador retriever mix (Cash) who is 12 years old. I also have two cats, Milo (6 years) and Henry (2 years), a leopard gecko named Echo, and a red eared slider named Squirt!