SAH Alex


Veterinary Assistant
I started volunteering at the SPCA in Labrador when I was 12, and my love of helping animals just grew from there. I knew I wanted to do more for animals, so what better way than to study the medical aspect? I graduated from the Veterinary Assist program in 2017 and started working at the clinic in the same year. An area of interest for me is physiotherapy, I would love to study it more. My first pet was an old girl Piper, she passed away in 2016 from old age. What I love about my job is knowing that I'm helping animals feel more comfortable while getting the best care possible. I do my best to make a difference in not only the lives of the animals we care for, but also for their family's lives. Between the people I work with and learning new things every day, it's hard to choose what I like best about the clinic. A fun fact about myself is that I am tiny but mighty.


The Love of Rescues

I have been working in a veterinary clinic for over ten years, and I have rescued several animals and brought them into my family.

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