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Dec 03 2015

Feral Cat Spay Neuter Clinic November 2015

Countless pets are abandoned on a yearly places all over the world. Here in Newfoundland is unfortunately no different. Cats are abandoned at landfills or left behind when owners move away. Kittens that were once so cute are now larger and trying to get out of the house. The males spraying around, the females going into heat and getting pregnant. Unfortunately, people can become overwhelmed and choose to abandon their pets. Regardless of the reasons behind abandonment, it is the cats who suffer the consequences.

Fortunately, being abandoned is not a death sentence to all the cats. Wonderful, caring people come together and forge communities who care for the colonies formed when a group of feral cats gather together (usually in a place where survival resources are more readily available). These rescuers provide food, water and create small shelters to protect these cats from the harsh weather of Newfoundland. For many of the rescuers,  the ultimate goal is keep the current members of the colony as happy and healthy as possible while preventing more kittens being born into the wild through TNR.

We at Sunrise Animal Hospital firmly believe in the ideals of TNR. Bi-annually our staff and doctors come together and donate their time to spay and neuter these feral kitties.The cats are trapped in humane cages, spayed/neutered, have their ears tipped for identification and released back into their respective colonies. Any sociable cats are re-homed at the desecration of the rescuers (although its not unheard of for one of us to take a cat home!). This time around, we worked together with Pleas for Paws, Mollies Dream, Cross our Paws, and the Feral Soul Project.

Below are some great pictures of the event from our Facebook page. I’ve also included links to the local rescues and some information on TNR in general.

Our staff and doctors came together and donated their time to spay and neuter 42 feral cats! The wonderful rescues we worked with are Pleas for Paws, Mollies Dream, Cross our Paws, and the Feral Soul Project.

Posted by Sunrise Animal Hospital Ltd. on Thursday, December 3, 2015



Links to Rescues Mentioned:
Cross Our Paws
Mollie’s Dream
Pleas for Paws NL
The Feral Soul Project

Links to more information on Feral Cats:

Toronto Feral Cat Project

Links to other TNR rescues in NL:
Feral Felines Rescue

Scaredy Cat Rescue

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4 thoughts on “Feral Cat Spay Neuter Clinic November 2015”

  1. Haley says:

    Hi there, any chance you are doing another feral cat colony spay and neuter? There is an elderly man next door to my house that is taking care of a feral cat colony. He doesn’t mind taking care of them financially, he feels really bad for them. But there are a few kittens, I have 3 of them to find a home for until I can catch some more. He built a brand new insulated shed with a cat door and a bedding area up top. There are around 12 cats he said that would need to do fixed if I can find homes for the kittens. Let me know if anything comes up.

    1. Marwa says:

      We do the feral cat colony spays and neuters bi-annually and have one coming up this month. We work with local rescues such as Pleas for Paws to organize the spay/neuter clinic. I would strongly recommend going onto the Pleas for Paws Facebook page and contacting Jackie to set anything up as they provide us with the cats. Please click here to be redirected to the Pleas for Paws Facebook page.

  2. Melissa bradbury says:

    I was wondering if there was any way to get a stray cat nutured for free. There is a cat that has been outside in my area for months and he is very friendly. I would love to keep him but i cant afford to get him neutured
    If you have any information that could help me it would be greatly appreciated.
    Melissa bradbury

    1. Marwa says:

      Hello Melissa.
      We work with local rescues to organize our Feral Cat Spay and Neuter Clinics. I would highly recommend contacting your local Humane Services or SPCA. Otherwise local rescues such as Pleas for Paws, Feral Felines or Mollie’s Dream are possible places to reach out to.

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