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Mar 25 2015

Ruffles – Reflections on a Tragic Car Accident

Last month, there was a tragic car accident that claimed the life of a dear family pet and caused severe injuries to another pet and the owners. Fortunately due to the RNC’s quick response to the situation, Ruffles, the surviving pet of the car accident was able to be treated and saved. You can read the article about the car accident right here.

Ruffles at the hospital before going home.

Ruffles at the hospital before going home.

Prior to arriving at the clinic, the RNC contacted us via our emergency service to notify us of their arrival. Their foresight allowed us to prepare a gurney for Ruffles. Upon their arrival we were presented with the unique situation of somehow coaxing Ruffles from the back of the RNC vehicle. As we were unaware of the extent of his injuries, moving him safely, without causing further damage was a very real concern to us. Fortunately, due to the RNC’s quick thinking, Ruffles was on a large Rubbermaid container lid. With their aid, we were able to safely transfer Ruffles from the vehicle to a gurney using the lid.

Once in the clinic, Ruffles was swiftly admitted and so began his slow road to recovery. The injuries Ruffles sustained were substantial and he was hospitalized at Sunrise. Once the veterinarians had assessed him as healthy enough to go home, his bills were also in turn substantial.

The owners and the staff as a whole, felt that in the wake of the tragedy (the loss of a family pet, the owner’s injuries, and Ruffles’s injuries) that we as a hospital, and a member of this community, would remove all costs from the clinic. We wanted Ruffles and his family to focus on his recovery and moving past the tragic loss of their other family pet.

Ruffles’ mom, Kerri has been documenting his recovery which she has fortunately allowed us to share with this information with everyone.

Kerri’s update from February 20 2015, a week after his discharge:

Ruffles Week 1 Recovery

Ruffles Week 1 Recovery

“Hi there !!

First of all, on behalf of Ruffles and all who love him we want to say thank you so much for the care and love you provided him during his greatest time of need. From the phone call updates, the hugs, the professionalism and genuine care and compassion you provided us with we couldn’t have hoped for better treatment and words cannot express how thankful we are.

Ruffles has been doing fabulous since coming home. Last Friday he began eating his regular food again on his own, then over the weekend he started getting up and walking on his own placing weight for the first time down on his back paw! He had a check up on Valentines Day and during that time the drains in his little bum were removed and he received a good report! Today, his stitches came out and once again, he received a good report.

Ruffles loving his dad.

Ruffles loving his dad.

When entering your hospital Ruffles wasn’t reluctant to enter or stressed and all the staff present were so excited to see him and his progress. This truly warmed our hearts to see. Our boy was in the best hands possible and again, we are so thankful.

I’ve attached some photos of Ruffles for you guys to use as you wish. I’m gonna try to upload a video as well. Please let me know if you have any issues viewing either.


Kerri and John Pittman and of course Ruffles! “




On March 17 2015, a little over a month after his accident, Ruffles’ mom provided us with some wonderful videos as well as an update:

“We are so happy to say that Ruffles is doing better and better as each day goes by. He has a new little buddy to help keep him young. We adopted a new puppy named Finnegan and Ruffles is adjusting well with the little ball of energy. This weekend our Ruffles starting chasing and playing catch again! Something he always loved and we are elated to see him wanting to do it still. Here’s a video to show you him playing. :)”

Update September 25 2015 – Unfortunately Ruffles has passed on. We all mourn his loss. He was such a happy boy and managed to beat all the odds against him.

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